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Bangkok - Tall Paul & Sister Bliss - Late 1996

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Sister Bliss
1. Paganini Traxx - Zoe (Original Mix)
2. The Sharp Boys - Sharp Tools Volume 2 (Side A)
3. Lucky Monkeys - Bjango (Original Mix)
4. S 'N' S - You Do Me Wrong
5. DOUG LAZY - Let It Roll - ID can't find what mix this is?
6. green velvet / the stalker (laidback luke mix)
7. Slacker - Scared (The Lonely Traveller)
8. Exit EEE - Epidemic (No Respect Remix)
9. Kristine W - Land Of The Living (Maddladds Dub)
10. ID
11. ID - get my love? Sounds like India
12. ID - are you ready ( It's very hard to tell if these are the same tune Electroliners "Loose Caboose")
13. Electroliners - Loose Caboose (mix or an electroliners mix of something else?)
14. Faithless - Insomnia (Moody Mix)

Tall Paul
1. Sharp Boys - Sharp Tools Vol.2
2.Low Pressure - The Bifter (Original Mix)
3.FROG & BUGLE - Seven Days To Eden feat Lee Mac - (instrumental mix)
4.Natural Born Grooves - Forerunner (Original Mix)
5.Baby Blue - Child ( Tin Tin Club)
6.6 By Six - Into Your Heart (Tall Paul Remix)
7.Shazzaman - Phunkee Muzeek (A1 Mix)
8.Floor Federation - Love Resurrection (Strike Mix)
9.Digital Blondes - Antheum (Free Mix)
10.Mary Kiani - 100% (Tall Paul Remix)

I have re ripped these so if you want a copy of this set please message me.:classic_wink:


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