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  2. A cracking mix if you want a copy of this please ask in this thread.
  3. Earlier
  4. As you can tell by the title to this thread my forum does not send notification to your email when the thread has been replied to. Their is nothing I can do about this, as it's to do with with the way my host has configured his servers. You will have to check back to the forum for reply's, I know this is annoying.
  5. My set up and a little bit of a review of the software well worth a listen
  6. Listen to this, this morning not a bad mix
  7. I remember being pill out of my head and this being banged out just awesome
  8. If you want these ripped let me know and i can rip these for you👍
  9. None of the download are protected with key anymore, you can download what you want, If you find some still protected, it just because I have not got round to removing them but it will get done.
  10. Dave Seaman Swoon 1995, Vol III These are not ripped yet but can be, just ask in this thread
  11. My Mrs was in a comma for 35 days has been home for about 3 weeks now and gets tired very quickly and does not have full functionality of her wrists. So I had to cook a roast dinner with her guidance and she help a little, the results are above and it was very yummy.
  12. I just noticed today that their was a issue when trying to sign up this issues has been fixed. Thanks, Greg
  13. 2 very good mixers and my favourite Jon of the pleased wimmin mix if you want a copy of this please message me.
  14. Been listening to this on tape recently one of my all time favourite mixers of all time
  15. Been listening to this such a amazing mix and derrick carter is my favourite DJ for his tune selection and mixing skills.
  16. Never heard this before on tape only every heard it on a rip did not sound that good but on tape it just sounds amazing
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